Opening----I7-G9 (English version)
situation:black win 
j10  i7  g9 
This move was proposed by Professor Wu, since he wanted to know whether there are OK moves outside 5x5.  
Chen Cheng-Kuo (CCK) solved this one. And this has been verified by NCTU6.  
Wrong Move:j10  i7  g9  j11  k10 
  This is the first feeling off head. But, unfortunately, both W pieces in the next move are at the perfect position. 
Defense by W:j10  i7  g9  j11  k10  j12  L10 


Both W pieces are at the perfect positions. W has four Live2.  
The subsequent moves are still very complicated. In any case, we have not found winning moves for B or W.  
Variation 1: 
Actually,B5 has several variations. This could be the one that most like to choose.  
 The subsequent moves are still quite complicated. A careless move in each side will soon result in losing. B11 is the only defense. 
Variation 2: 
This B5 is not better than the previous one.  
At this point, W coulde have a little more advantage over B. However, it seems still hard to verify whether W is winning.  
Correct Move:j10 i7 g9 j12 l10 
This is the correct move. W makes no more Live2.  
The subsequent variations in Variation 3 and Variation 4 are verified as B winning. If W attacks with Live4, these moves are all verified.  
Variation 3:black win
Variation 4:black win


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